Oct 9, 2012

INFOGRAPHICS: A Case Study in Social Media Demographics

A Case Study in Social Media Demographics
Via: Online MBA Resource


There is more than one reason why I decided to post this case study:

- I love infographics (and hope to post a lot more in the future);

- I am amazed with the amount of active users on social media (we are 7 billion on earth by now, but the most part without internet acces - and I mean less than a half);

- Social media are a huge part of our dayly life: we use it both for personal and professional reasons (mostly to stay in touch with friends, as you can read on the last diagram). So, I find it interesting to get to know a little more about who is connecting, where and why. Also, this kind of information might be usefull, for instance, if you are wondering about the best social media to spread the word about a product or a service or even if you're looking for a job!

- It is very surprising that the average age on Facebook is 45 years old (allways thought the younger would "win");

- I couldn't finish without talking a bit about the design: although the color legend is a little hard to follow (unless you have a good memory, which is not my case), I think the parallel between social media and planets was well achieved; the main subject are virtual Worlds, with all of us orbiting like satellites around them.

PS: don't forget to connect with real life!

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  1. Amazing and informative info graphic!! It makes people to aware of importance and benefits of info graphic.