Oct 7, 2012


I'm not the biggest fan of David Carson's work, however, I decided to publish this video in order to introduce a theme I'm willing to develop: the power of emotion in communication.

We, as human beings with a highly refined sensory system, are constantly exposed to all kind all stimulus, yet, just because something communicates (or, as Carson says, just because something is legible) it doesn't mean it communicates the right idea. I suggest you go forward to minute 16:43 and take a look at the example of People magazine and the lack of vision in the way they arranged the article about September 11th.

How distracted did you feel from the main theme? Does it look like a light topic about some people who died, or what?

I intend to publish some more examples in the future, both good or not so good ones.

David Carson's page: www.davidcarsondesign.com

See you soon,

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